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Second semester : 15,123words


My friends

I'll introduce my friends.
Hiroyo is very cute girl. I've never seen cute girl like this. Hiroyo's height is 155 cent meter. She likes fashion, especially she loves Mori girl fashion. She often wear LEPSIM's clothes. She looks so good. She is also very kind. She lives in Yatsushiro, and she commutes by use JR train to school and spend over one hour every morning. She works in TSUTAYA, because she likes comics. Especially she likes boys comics. She likes ONE PIECE, so reads JUMP. Her hair style is like a mushroom.

Haruka also live in Yatsushiro and every morning commutes with Hiroyo. She is very kind and I think she looks like our mother. I like her wavy hair. Her family is hair cutter, so she always changes her hair by her grand mother. She has a brother and a dog. She likes Rola who is famous model very much. Her twitter icon picture is Rola too. And She likes K-POP and Korea, and some times she visited Korea with har friends. She often go Korean restaurant "Saul", I want to go with her someday.

Juri also live in Yatsushiro. Juri and Hiroyo was same junior high school, and Juri went to Shirayuri high school that is Christian school. Juri looks so cute but she is noisy girl, so I think she have to be silent, however I think noisy and funny is her best points too. She likes American music and K-POP music. She loves SNSD and Lady GAGA and more artists. She has many CDs and DVDs. She has a great deal of curiosity. She laughs very much, and I like it. She likes sexy diva and has many pictures.

Yukino is from Daiichi high school. She looks mature. She has black long hair. She likes Barbie's clothes. She has very good relation with her family. She has a younger sister. She likes Masaharu Hukuyama. She lives in Sanwa and she commutes by bus and uses Gakuendai Liner. She doesn't have job, but she will start job soon at cake shop.

Yuki is called Okaki by her friends and we named so. Okaki lives in Kengun with her mother and a sweet cat. She calls her father Gori. She has a older brother. she loves the cat and her name is Kodama, She is black cat. She works in Banya and home teacher for two junior high school students.she is good at sports, she runs very fast, and she eats very much. It is like a man. She is good at driving a car too. She is very kind, recently she got a new boyfriend. I hope her happiness.

Misato is called Amoru, because her family name is Amo. Anyway she is very funny and kind girl. I think our funny sence is best much. She lives near our university but she is often late to class. She is very fashionable too. Her father is fashionable too and kind, so he often buys clothes for Amoru. She likes COCO DEAL and dazzlin. She is from Hitoyoshi and her Hitoyoshi friends is so funny too. She works at hotel as Miko.

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1763 French Indian War END

I’m a rat. I’m from Virginia. I’m traveling. Now is in September 1758 and middle of French Indian War. I’m looking the situation. I heard that Virginia army is very strong, because Washington takes command of it. So, French army gave up before they attack Virginia army.  Washington won and got a French fort. Washington says “I think that we call here Pitt fort. This is namesake of Britain prime minister. ” Here will call Pittsburg.
Now is in 1759 and here is Quebec. Britain starts battle again with French. French army has a fort on the high cliff. So Quebec is natural fortress city. In addition, French army has no less than 14000 soldiers and number of big batteries. Actually, I think French army favorable.hum…I worry this battle.
   Britain army is approaching the fort from the sea. James Wolfe who was just promoted to major rode in the ship. Wolfs have a big problem; they can’t invade beyond the sharp cliff. Wolfe was worried about it.” Here is perfect fort! I don’t know that we can invade way! What is the best way?” Wolfe says. At the time, a man finding a no guard point where is west side of the cliff. A man says “We can climb only that space and this is very dangerous strategy, although let’s go there.” Crews are delighted. Wolfe says”OK. It is very good plan. Everybody! Let’s prepare for our battle!” Do you here now? It’s good news for Britain. Now, war situation becomes equality.
   Wolves climbed the cliff silently like cats at night for French doesn’t notice them. And September 13 early in the morning, they took up them position on the hill. Of course, French army was very surprised, because they also thought that their fort is perfect. So French army is confusing.
   On the middle of battle, unfortunately Wolfe was shooted.He is fatally injured, but he doesn’t go down. Wolfe says his man, “Don’t tell my soldiers what I am dying until we win.” Then, when he saw Britain’s win, at last he went down. I think he was good commander and battled bravely. Battles finished completely. Britain’s flag flies in Quebec. Next year, Britain gets Montreal.
   In 1763, here is Paris.TheTreaty of Paris was signed by Britain, France and Spain. Spain received west of Mississippi river of Louisiana. France lost almost colonies in North American continent.
   Then Washington married Martha who is a young widow, they are both of landowner, so Washingtons became more large landowners. I live in his big yard now. And he was elected Virginia member of Diet. He became a hero for Virginia, and now for America.

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BR 2-16: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (Susanna, 2007)

"They danced across the empty ballroom and played with toys in the children's nursery."(p. 30)

I read "The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse". This book has 656 words. I think this is not so long one,but I enjoyed enough. The reason why I chose this book, I like this cute pictures. I'll introduce this story's outline. First there were two mice. Country's mouse's name is Pipin, and the other town mouse's name is Toby. Pipin and Toby are cousin, and they live separate. One day, Toby visited Pipin's country house. Pipin welcomed and gave Toby a cordial reception, but Toby doesn't like country life and food. Then Toby told to Pipin about town's special life, and he made a proposal what Pipin comes to town. Pipin was surprised big train, many people, noisy town, and special dinner too! However he loves  country life again soon. He like slow and small world. I think it is natural, because mouse is small animal! After read this story, I remembered the movie "Stewart Little", do you know?  I love that white and clean mouse. Our world is big, but for mice, it is more bigger. So what they were into even if our normal life is so bravely. Anyway this is so good, please read!

Davidson, Susanna. (2007). The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse  [Usborne First Reading: Level Four]. London, England: Usborne Publishing Ltd.
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BR 2-18: The Hare and the Tortoise (Mairi, 2007)

"Harry trained extra hard. He woke up early in the mornings, and went running in the evenings too." (p.18)

I read "The Hare and the Tortoise" as last book. I know this story in Japanese. In Japanese we call "Usagi to Kame". This story has 880 words and normal level I think. This story is from Aesop, so very famous story. You know turtle and rabbit contends running race. Of course rabbit is faster than  turtle. But on the way rabbit slept. This story is added a little arrange. Rabbit's name is Harry and turtle's name is Tortoise. They works all day along at post office. The rabbit is famous runner but he is also luck pusher. The turtle is smart. I recommend you this story, if you know original Aesop story.

Mackinnon, Mairi. (2007). The Hare and the Tortoise [Usborne First Reading: Level Four]. London, England: Usborne Publishing Ltd.

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BR 2-17: The Story of Flying (Lesley, 2004)

"Some pilots roll their planes all the way over. Inside the cockpit, the pilot has a very strange view of the earth." (p.51)

I read "The story of Flying". This book has 2,100 words, this is a little long. The reason why I chose this book, some years ago I wanted to be a cabin attendant, but now I don't think so. However I like airport and planes. Since my childhood I often used to take a plane, and went to Singapore to Bali and like that. Every cabin attendant is so kind and they were my aspiration.
I'll introduce this book's outline. Once upon a time, people was seeing to the sky and flying birds. They thought that I want to fly like the birds! After that people developed many way to fly. One day people connected bicycle and wing, but it didn't work. Wilbur and Orville brothers succeeded first flying. But they repeated to fly and crash. Dec 17, 1903, it was Orville's turn. The plane took off and it flew. Soon, a lots of people were building planes again and again. Then in 1909, the world airshow was held in French. When the first Warld War breaking out, planes were not so longer new but it used as spy or equipment. Then hot air balloons appeared. I rode hot air balloon in Australia some years ago. It was so huge. I want to ride more bigger airship. Airship looks a little like a whale. I saw it in the Geburi animation "Majyo no takkyu-bin".  Then next helicopters appeared. Do you know "Contest of Bird man"? It is held in Biwako lake every year. Each college made a plane plane or helicopter and contends, who can fly longer. It is very interesting and I want to watch it on TV this year too. Many kinds of flying appeared and at last, human developed space shuttle. Human reached over sky. It is amazing. It is sure nobody people who was seeing to the sky and birds thought about space shuttle.

Sims, Lesley. (2004). The Story of Flying [Usborne First Reading: Level two]. London, England: Usborne Publishing Ltd.

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Super market in Minnesota_report

During I was in Minnesota, I went to shopping some times. Then I found interesting points, so I’ll show it on this report. Especially I focus on supermarket.

First, I’ll tell about American supermarket’s merchandise. I saw many kinds of shops. In Minnesota, TARGET is the most popular supermarket; it has many kinds, for example TARGET, Super TARGET, Hyper TARGET and like that. Normal TARGET is just grocery shop but Super TARGET does not have only food but clothes and more items. It was so interesting. So depending of shop level, every shop has item’s variety changes.

Then American supermarkets have many kinds of merchandise, for example they have apple, but it is not one kinds. In American supermarket, there were some kinds of apples and I saw Fuji apple, it is Japanese kind. And other example, almost supermarkets have so many kinds of cereal. Including sugar cereal, non-sugar one, including dries fruit one, calorie off one and so on. I think its address people’s needs. Then every Minnesota’s supermarkets were very big, so they have many staffs.

Moreover American merchandises are big size, and I was so surprise. For example, American ice cream’s vessel is such a bucket! In America, making a bulk purchase is main current.

Second I found about stores and the location. America has many kinds of store. I found huge supermarket, for example Costco, Global supermarket which has worldwide grocery, and so cheap price or high-grade store. I expect America is supermarket’s motherland, so there are many kinds of supermarket, and America is composed with many races, so global supermarket is necessary.

I lived in Cottage Grove where is far from Minneapolis. It depends on whether a store locates in city or suburb. Type of suburb supermarkets has huge land and park, and almost it is one floor building, while type of city supermarket doesn’t have much park and small.

Third, I noticed about the difference of way of sell. In Japan, usually almost merchandise is packed in container made of Styrofoam or plastic sheet, but in U.S. selling by measure is main channel. Vegetable and fruit was put selling space without plastic sheet, so you can buy from so little amount to huge amount, if you want. You can choose the amount. I think it is very useful and lean.

I also noticed about shopping cart. American shopping cart is considerably bigger than Japanese one. It is huge, so children can get inside easily. Not only that, there were many kinds of shopping cart. For example huge shopping cart, smaller cart, child carts, in addition electric shopping cart! Mainly it is used by disabled people. Electric shopping cart has mortar and looks like motor bike, and the front has basket. Then user can move and choose by them. This type of shopping cart is not so rare.

In addition when we pay at a register, many shoppers pay by credit card. When sign up for the pay, many shops brought in electric sign panel. In the fact, when I pay over $50 I signed up by the panel at a TARGET. I think credit card is easy way for them.

I like shopping mall, but I think American shopping mall and Japanese one are not so different, but supermarket reflects people's daily life. So it is very interesting point. 

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BR 2-15: The Runaway Pancake (Mairi, 2006)

"I can't hear you.You'll have to closer."(p.44)

I read "The Runaway Pancake". This story has 608 words. There are many character in this story. Once a family, a dog, a rabbit, a duck, a sheep. a cat, a goat, a fox, and a pig. This pancake is not normal, it ran away! I don't know why he runaway, and maybe he didn't want to be ate. But I think happiness of food is that it is ate all up. So I think pancake doesn't have to go away!! Everyone chased the pancake, but pancake continued to runaway. After through forest, he met a pig. Pig lives inside of fence. He also wanted to eat the pancake, but pig didn't chase the pancake. What do you think the way the pig used? The pig dissembled as if he can't hear pancake's voice, and he said "I can't hear you. You'll have to closer." And pancake fell for the trap. The pig is smart.
The reason why I choose this story, it is just I like pancake. Sometime I make for my breakfast. I want to go stylish cafe and eat delicious pancake. I like pancake with vanilla ice cream and real cream and chocolate or strawberry sauce. It is so delicious. If you know good fancy cafe, please tell me on this comment.
This book is not difficult, but I think this is a little boarding. It's because this story repeats same character name again and again. It was troublesome for me. Thank you.


Mackinnon, Mairi. (2006). The Runaway Pancake [Usborne First Reading: Level Four]. London, England: Usborne Publishing Ltd.

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